yellow maple leaves on blue sky

What Trees to Plant in Utah

One of TreeUtah’s most wanted information is “What trees to plant?” There are many trees to choose from at local Utah nurseries. But some tree species get planted too often, and some not often enough. TreeUtah regularly researches what tree varieties are ideal for Utah’s urban places and updates this list.

The dominant plant communities found in much of Utah can be roughly correlated with elevation, as follows:

  • Subalpine and Alpine: 10,000 feet and higher
  • Upper Montane: 9,000-10,000 feet
  • Mid-Montane: 6,000-9,000 feet
  • Foothill: 4,800-6,000 feet
  • Valley: 4,200-4,800 feet

While elevation is a good climate predictor—lower elevations are generally hotter and drier, higher elevations are cooler and moister—other factors play a role in creating microclimates within the elevation zones.

It’s also always good to be aware of the effects of planting non-native and invasive plants to your area. Currently in Utah it is best not to plant White or Subalpine Firs, they are being decimated by an infestation of Balsam Wooly Adelgid (new since 2015).

There are so many good resources here and on the Utah Community Forestry Council and local city sites to help you find just the right trees to plant. We hope you will find what you are looking for and want to hear from you as to what will help you decide! Happy Planting!