photo of liberty park with tall trees

Salt Lake Parks to Visit

As summer kicks off, take advantage of the pleasant weather in the Salt Lake valley. One of the best ways to enjoy nature and relax is to take a trip to the local parks. Whether you have half a day or an hour in between work, it is nice to decompress. Here is a list of some local parks!

  • Liberty Park
    • A local favorite with plenty of shady trees. It has ponds, playgrounds and is home to the Tracy Aviary. On Friday nights, the park hosts a farmer’s market from 4 pm until dusk. 
  • International Peace Gardens
    • A beautiful botanical garden, the International Peace Gardens is a seamless medley of plants, architecture, and culture. 
  • Sugarhouse Park
    • Runners and walkers galore, this park is perfect for getting a workout it. It also has plenty of trees to rest under and small creek for cooling off.
  • Memory Grove Park
    • Tucked away in the hills by the capitol, is park is the place for a quiet getaway. It also serves a memorial for veterans. 
  • Pioneer Park
    • Close to downtown, this park has it all; playgrounds, grassy areas, shady spaces, and a great walking path. On Saturday mornings, the park hosts a farmer’s market from 8am-2pm.
  • Gilgal Sculpture Garden
    • Hidden in between concrete buildings, the Gilgal Sculpture Garden is filled with sculptures and inscribed stones. You’ll always find something new to look at!
  • Bend in the River
    • This park is perfect for bikers, it connects to the Jordan River Parkway trail.
  • Constitution Park
    • Tennis courts, soccer fields, and playgrounds, this park is perfect for outdoor activity.

From Zahra Saifee, TU Intern