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March 19, 2021

TreeUtah UNA Membership Anniversary! "We are the people. We are the air. We are the earth."

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Every year, TreeUtah looks forward to celebrating our membership in the Utah Nonprofits Association (UNA), which embodies the spirit of community and volunteerism. UNA has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to advocacy and community service by providing direct support as well as motivating others to take leadership roles in activities and connects TreeUtah, our colleagues, and our organization to a greater community of nonprofits intent on changing the world!

We love UNA's statement "UNA is Utah. We are the people. We are the air. We are the earth. Our services blanket every community and county in the state. You are UNA when you are a member, nonprofit, or partner — or when you support nonprofit-community efforts to enrich the lives of Utahns. You and I are UNA." Because we know UNA shares our same love of earth and community we know that they will be there for TreeUtah as we navigate managing our nonprofit and helping it grow. We have found the "Services for Nonprofits" and "Job Board" to be invaluable resources. As well as the numerous training and membership benefits. 

TreeUtah celebrates all that UNA has accomplished and all that they will accomplish in the years to come as they inspire and bring lasting support to our community. Our growing community is founded on effective nonprofit organizations supported by UNA. 

About UNA: Incorporated in 1990, we serve the 10,000 Utah nonprofits who work in all sectors, on behalf of causes, and in all areas of Utah. UNA makes sure that nonprofits have what they need to succeed by making training, benefits, advocacy, networking, and other services available to Utah’s nonprofits. UNA encourages nonprofits to be ethical, outcome-oriented, strategic, and understand best practices that will serve to strengthen our communities. To join: