January 18, 2023

TreeUtah Senior Internship

Assist with project management of tree planting projects done in partnership with
Ivory Homes 30,000 Tree Initiative at TreeUtah.

Job description:
• Correspond regularly on behalf of TreeUtah with our partners at Ivory Homes 30,000 tree initiative,
volunteers and event organizers
• Maintain records for contract reporting purposes
• Help TreeUtah plan and facilitate tree planting events
• Provide coordinated content for social media and TreeUtah’s website as necessary

Required Skills:
• Strong interpersonal communication and public speaking skills
• Must be enthusiastic, energetic, and have the ability to interact with diverse groups of people of all
abilities, from small children to adults
• Must be willing to take and pass a background check
• Ability to lift up to 50 pounds, stand for extended periods of time, and undertake moderately strenuous
physical activities
• Ability to attend as many TreeUtah plantings as possible (includes weekend work and irregular hours).

Desired Skills:
• Field experience in outdoor event planning or management
• Experience in project planning including program development; implementation, and budgeting
• Knowledgeable in the care of trees, and at the very least the willingness to learn
• Ability to effectively supervise, train, and motivate volunteers
• Strong computer skills
• First aid, CPR and AED trained (this can happen once you are hired on)

Compensation and Time Commitment:
$15/hour for 5-10 hours per week. More hours required during busy months (September, October, March,
April, May). This internship will continue semester by semester until the intern exits the role. This internship
also has the potential to expand into a permanent role.

If interested, please submit resume and cover letter to Amy May, Executive Director, at .