July 13, 2022

TreeUtah Senior Intern

Assist with project management of tree planting projects done in partnership with Ivory Homes 30,000 Tree Initiative at TreeUtah.

Job description:
• Correspond regularly on behalf of TreeUtah with our partners at Ivory Homes 30,000 tree initiative, volunteers and event organizers
• Maintain records for contract reporting purposes
• Help TreeUtah plan and facilitate tree planting events
• Provide coordinated content for social media and TreeUtah’s website as necessary

Required Skills:
• Strong interpersonal communication and public speaking skills
• Must be enthusiastic, energetic, and have the ability to interact with diverse groups of people of all abilities, from small children to adults
• Must be willing to take and pass a background check
 • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds, stand for extended periods of time, and undertake moderately strenuous physical activities  
 • Ability to attend as many TreeUtah plantings as possible (includes weekend work and irregular hours).

Desired Skills:
• Field experience in outdoor event planning or management
• Experience in project planning including program development; implementation, and budgeting
• Knowledgeable in the care of trees, and at the very least the willingness to learn
• Ability to effectively supervise, train, and motivate volunteers
• Strong computer skills
• First aid, CPR and AED trained (this can happen after being hired)


Pay and Hours
$15/hour for 5-10 hours per week. More hours required during busy months (September, October, March, April, May).

If interested, please submit resume and cover letter to Amy May, Executive Director, at .