I got involved with TreeUtah over twenty years ago, shortly after we moved here. As a family, we volunteered to plant trees along the Jordan River near 90th South. At the time TreeUtah was working on a multi-year project with the Audubon Society to plant trees to assist migratory birds. It was fun and we felt we helped make a difference.

A few years later I was approached by the head of Community Affairs at American Express where I worked. They wanted me to join a non-profit board and TreeUtah was one of the organizations on the list. i agreed to join the board and became Treasurer and later board chair. I also continued to volunteer at plantings with my family. My kids were also involved, in addition to participating in plantings, they also assisted at fund raisers. My son was the emcee and my daughter dressed up as a tree and raised money by having people ‘hug a tree’.

When I completed my term on the board, I continued to volunteer with and donate to TreeUtah. I was asked to rejoin the board in 2014 and have been pleased to see how the organization has changed and evolved, with new volunteers and corporate donors, as well as quite a few long time participants.

I enjoy being part of plantings. “Extreme Tree Planting” to protect high altitude cliffs at the ski resorts and restoration plantings are especially rewarding. On the other hand, large caliper park plantings offer immediate gratification.

I encourage others to join us at a planting and also become a financial supporter of TreeUtah.

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