Tree Utah 30 Years Planting!

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Many people we meet these days now know how important trees are to our environment and the impact they have on our planet. Here at TreeUtah 2019 marks our 30th year of being an active nonprofit dedicated to planting trees!

It is truly remarkable to reflect upon all that it takes for an organization to reach where we are at now and how your support and volunteerism has made it all happen these past 3 decades.

To celebrate 30 years we are collecting tree stories at . Tell us about your memorial trees, the trees you had your first kiss under, the trees you planted when your daughter was born, and anything else you would like to share ti is our way to look back on our important past, sharing it with all of you who we hope will be part of our exciting future. Here’s to you! Here’s to trees! Here’s to 30 years planting!

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