Summer Camps

Let TreeUtah bring our talented staff to your camp to engage your students as they learn about nature in your own backyard in a stay-cation or accompany us on a field trip experience to one of our unique outdoor classrooms.


Stay-cations can be designed to fit any age group.  TreeUtah staff will bring all of the supplies for our programing. All you need to provide is the space and the campers.

Field Trips:

  • EcoGarden :The EcoGarden is a permaculture orchard located at the Day Riverside Library that demonstrates how we can utilize trees in urban landscapes for gardening, food, and to benefit our social and natural environments.  Campers will get their hands dirty as they learn about our orchard, practice their gardening skills and look for creatures hiding in the dirt.

Transportation and chaperons must be provided by the hosting camp for field trips.  The TreeUtah staff will meet you at the EcoGarden site. Campers are expected to bring water bottles and wear clothes that are appropriate for the outdoors.


Activities are based on Project Learning Tree Curriculum and Utah Core Standards.  Possible themes includes:

  • Nature Detectives – You’ve been hired as one of the new employees of the Redwood Ranger Detective Agency.  Your mission to solve the secrets of nature through experiments, games, exploration, and art. Put on your spy cap and bring your magnifying lens to explore the wetlands or the nature at your camp. It’s no mystery that you will have fun!  If you’ve done your job well, you and your team will be officially certified as Redwood Rangers.
  • Nature Pathfinders -Follow in the footsteps of the world’s most famous explorers as we discover, map, and investigate the wilds of the Redwood Nature Area. We’ll splash, crash, and dash our way around ponds, creeks, and trees while we track down elusive wildlife. You’ll use compasses to find your way, make your own maps of unknown places, create traps for bugs, and discover new places. Explorers will immerse themselves in our amazing planet, one leaf, or pile of dirt at a time.
  • Exoskeleton Experience – No bones about it! There is a hidden world around us underneath logs, beneath rocks, and even in the soil under our feet. We’ll I investigate the world of boneless beasts on land and in water. We’ll explore our wetland ponds to search for signs of aquatic insects, use nets to search for field insects and roll over rotten logs to identify decomposers.
  • Tough Mudder Nature – Utilizing the rugged terrain of Redwood Nature Area or your camp location, two teams will scramble, splash and complete in events that build all around strength, fitness, mental grit, and team building.  Every challenge will contain some of Mother Nature’s finest ponds, webs, logs, grasses and mud!