TreeUtah’s School Tree Planting Grant is designed to provide financial, logistical, and staff support for public K-12 school tree planting projects. These planting projects have also had the added effect of empowering students to be stewards of their own environment. Students will learn about the benefits of trees, how to properly plant trees as well as how to take care of trees.


Any public school in Utah may apply. All trees must be planted on school grounds with students. TreeUtah staff will be present to direct planting and provide supplemental education. Moreover, all projects must have a long-term plan for watering and maintenance to give the trees the best chance of survival.

Grant Details:

Applicants are asked to identify up to three desired planting dates. However, we cannot always accommodate preferred dates due to scheduling conflicts with other planting events. We ask that you please be flexible when scheduling a planting date.

Grant recipients will receive:

Before the planting event, a TreeUtah representative will finalize the planting location and the species of tree for the space.  1-3 trees depending on need, ability to care for new trees, and the number of student participants.  Assistance with pre-planting preparation.  Assistance with organizing and managing the tree planting event. An educational component held the day of the planting.

To Apply:

TreeUtah has a fall and spring grant cycle.

Applications to plant in the spring are due March 1st and applications for fall are due October 1st.

1. Fill out completed application 

2. Photos of your proposed planting site and surrounding landscape features. (Email in JPG format. No photos larger than 1.5MB. 3-5 photos are usually sufficient).

3. E-mail to education@treeutah.org with “School Tree Planting Grant Application” in the subject line.


Please direct any questions: