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TreeUtah and the Sugar House Park Authority are pleased to present the Commemorative and Memorial Tree Program at Sugar House Park. This program offers people the opportunity to honor friends and loved ones through the planting of a tree in Sugar House Park, adding to the beauty of Salt Lake City’s greatest landmarks.

The cost of purchasing and planting a commemorative or memorial tree is $500.00. All gifts are processed through TreeUtah, 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.  Individuals or groups wishing to have a commemorative or memorial tree planted at Sugar House Park should contact TreeUtah’s Planting Coordinator, at (801) 364-2122 or by emailing them at


How are trees selected?
Trees are selected based on their hardiness, longevity, and the needs of the site selected for planting. A list of preferred species can be provided upon request and is set by Sugar House Park Authority.  Species selection also depends on current wholesale costs and availability.

Can I select the variety of tree to be planted?
Requests for particular tree varieties will be considered; however, Sugar House Park Authority has final approval. Conifers or a Broadleaf/Deciduous will be planted. 

When are the trees planted?
Plantings will occur during the spring (April 1st — June 30th) or fall (September 1st — November 30th).

Can I arrange a small dedication ceremony?
Small ceremonies may be arranged by the donor and groups are encouraged to participate in the physical planting itself. Information will be provided once a donor has made a commitment to planting a tree at Sugar House Park.

Can I place a plaque or sign at the tree?
Unfortunately, the Park does not allow plaques and or signs.

What is the typical planted size of the memorial trees?
The average planted size will be 1¾ – 2 inch caliper; height will vary by species.

Who receives the payment?
Checks should be made out to TreeUtah with a notation stating Commemorative Tree Program.

What happens if the tree dies?
In the rare event that a donated tree should die after being planted, TreeUtah and Sugar House Park cannot replace the tree due to budget constraints.

Please call us at (801)364-2122 for more information or to make payments