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Evergreen Tree Planting

Evergreen trees provide numerous benefits when strategically planted around your home. Much like trees and their leaves provide shade and relief from the blazing summer sun, evergreen trees protect from harsh winter winds. They can also offer some sound proofing (up to 40%) and can act as an air pollution barrier, depending on the location and […]

Mulching Those Trees – Is a Yes Please!

Mulch is a newly planted tree’s best friend because it: Insulates the soil, helping to provide a buffer from heat and cold.Retains water to help the roots stay moist.Keeps weeds out to avoid root competition.Prevents soil compaction.Reduces lawn mower damage. Steps to Adding Mulch Around Your TreeRemove any grass within a 3-foot area (up to […]

A Summer of Stewardship

https://www.alta.com/blog/a-summer-of-stewardship September 19th, 2019 | By Adam Fehr Building on Alta Ski Area’s heritage of conservation, the Alta Environmental Center (AEC) was created in 2008 to improve internal sustainability practices across departments; support research and collaboration with our external partners, and communicate progress with our skiers. While summer is generally considered Alta Ski Area’s off-season, the AEC is in […]

Winterize garden tools now before Spring

You may have a few less shovels and garden tools than TreeUtah has but taking simple, preventive steps now before winter hits can extend the life of your garden tools and when springtime arrives you’ll be able to easily have them ready and working for your projects and spring clean up!  Use a wire brush […]

The Value of Student Volunteerism! Real life skills!

Volunteering is something that every person should experience and take part in at some point in their lives. There are countless reasons to volunteer with charitable organizations: giving back and helping others, meeting new people, learning new skills, getting out of one’s own comfort zone, and much more. Everyone stands to benefit from volunteerism, from […]

Utah Hiking Trails

Here is a list of local hikes to enjoy this summertime. Go outside, take in the natural scenery, and don’t forget to wear sunscreen! The Living Room  A 2.5 mile hike with 900 ft of elevation gain to rock shaped furniture. This hike is public transport accessible. Ensign Peak Hike A 0.8 mile round trip, […]

Native Trees of Utah

Although Utah is a desert, many trees found here are native to the land. Native trees are always the best option when considering what to plant because those trees are suited specifically for Utah’s climate. Some of the most common native trees around the Wasatch Front inlcude: Big Tooth Maple This tree is what gives […]

Salt Lake Parks to Visit!

As summer kicks off, take advantage of the pleasant weather in the Salt Lake valley. One of the best ways to enjoy nature and relax is to take a trip to the local parks. Whether you have half a day or an hour in between work, it is nice to decompress. Here is a list […]