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TreeUtah and Auric Solar are now in the second year of their partnership. Solar and trees both provide environmental and social benefits. With every solar panel installed, Auric Solar improves the air quality in our communities. The average home that installs solar panels has the environmental equivalent of planting more than 100 trees every year. Partnering with TreeUtah is another way for Auric Solar to continue protecting the local environment.

In 2015, Auric Solar and TreeUtah volunteers planted 750 trees at Parley’s Historic Nature Park to revegetate areas that were adversely affected before the creek in the park was fenced off. Watch highlights of the 2015 TreeUtah Auric Solar Tree Planting.

In Fall 2016, Auric Solar will take on another tree planting project with TreeUtah. In response to several dead and dying trees being removed from Big Cottonwood Regional Park, we’ll be helping to plant replacements for these beautiful park trees.