Project Oxygen with Mark Miller Subaru

Saturday, April 29, 9:00am -1pm

Join TreeUtah, Hawkwatch International, Seven Canyons Trust, and Mark Miller Subaru once again to explore an often overlooked creek, Mill creek at it’s confluence with the Jordan River while planting 1,500 native trees!

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Bank Stabilization Pole Planting

Saturday, May 6, 9:00am -12pm

Pole planting is a great way to plant more trees by working with what nature already has to offer. By carefully taking cuttings from existing willows, and planting them deeply into the water table in flood plains we can watch new trees come to life! These trees will help stabilize the bank of the Jordan river and prevent further erosion.

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Community Tree Planting

Thursday, May 11, 5:30pm -8pm

Join TreeUtah and Kol Ami Congregation as we celebrate trees and improve this local park by planting mature trees in the landscape. These trees will improve the beauty of the park as well as providing shade and an ideal place to recreate for the community.

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What People Are Saying

“I love getting outside and at TreeUtah’s tree plantings we get to go to beautiful locations and plant trees. There is nothing better than planting a little tree and knowing I am making our environment better.


“Perfect volunteer opportunity! Outdoors, helping the environment and having fun with great people!”


Trees, trees, trees, oh, trees.  We need them… They give us oxygen, paper, wood. There are a lot of things they give us that we don’t know. They even look pretty out in your yard all colorful.

Matt2nd Grader

Mark Miller Subaru loves trees because they help offset the emissions that cars put off. We try to do our part by planting a tree for every car we sell, creating a more beautiful and healthy Utah.

Mark Miller Subaru